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February 18, 2018

sophie hannah richardson blue hair

Bleach roots is something I get done every 3 to 4 months. My natural hair starts to come through and after a while I have just a little too much root than I’d like. I do love having roots but it’s extremely hard to consistently keep a tiny bit of them so I have to get them bleached and wait for the regrowth. I used to bleach roots myself at home, however since going to a salon the last few times I thought I’d book a professional appointment again. I’m no hairdresser and it’s actually quite nice sitting down and taking time out whilst someone else gets the job done. I hardly ever pamper myself so it’s always a nice treat. 

This time for my bleach roots I went back to Reed Hair salon in Maldon, Essex. I had been before and loved the atmosphere, treatment and girls that work there so I thought, let’s go back. You can read up about my first appointment here. I was met by Abby when I arrived and she was going to be doing the whole job of bleaching my roots, treating my hair and trimming it! The process is always lengthy when you get bleach roots, but its worth the whole afternoon in the salon, as most hairdressers who bleach hair will recommend treatments to have whilst you’re there. Always listen to their advice and 100% do a treatment or two as bleaching hair can be damaging.

I was introduced to some new products during my appointment so I thought I’d write up a post about the steps Abby took to achieve bleach roots on my blue locks. I usually try and fade my hair as much as possible before I head to a salon as I always like to try and achieve an all over white bleach look. However this particular time, I didn’t realise how long my roots were, they desperately needed doing. Plus I’m also trying to time my bleach roots for my wedding so that I can get my roots touched up the end of April, beginning of May so that I have the perfect amount of regrowth for the big day. Yup, I’m planning my hair! Ridiculous I know, but every bride wants to look their best on that one day.


To kick start the appointment Abby and I chatted about what I wanted to achieve. I wanted bleach roots and then for it to be blended into the blue. I think we were both worried about how it would turn out but Abby had some great ideas through the process. She started off by mixing bleach which included a product called Wellaplex. This product helps reconstruct inner hair bonds to strengthen the hair whilst colouring. It’s amazing being able to use products like this now when bleaching as it’s less damaging. Abby started off by doing the mid bands of my hair and then the roots.


The bleach needed to be left on my hair for 50 minutes, so Abby went off and I spent some time relaxing. During the process Abby thought of an idea of how to blend the bleach into the blue by using a new Wella product called Color Renew; it’s peroxide free, zero damage and is used to help lift colours. Abby applied this onto my blue ends and worked it in. We left this on until it was time to take the bleach off.

bleach roots processbleach roots sophie hannah richardson


Abby then washed everything out of my hair and applied the second part of the Wellaplex treatment. This was left on for 10 minutes.


The next step was toning the roots. Abby wanted to achieve a nice silvery shade so that when I go and dye my hair back blue, it’ll act as a nice base. She used a violet based toner called Illumina Color. This was worked into the hair and left for for a specific amount of time.

bleach roots sophie hannah richardson


The toner was then washed out and Abby conditioned my hair with System Professional.


The colour was done! Then it was onto blow drying and trimming my ends. I’m wanting to try and keep the length as I’m getting an updo for my wedding, so Abby trimmed the ends and neatened up some breakages in my hair.

Bleach roots into blue

We were done! And I was so pleased with the results. Abby achieved a lovely clean finish on my roots and it actually look kinda cool having bleach roots into a pastel blue. If you want to know more about Reed Hair, check out their website here.

I hope you enjoyed this step by step salon process of bleach roots, any questions feel free to pop them below and I’ll do my best as getting back to you.


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