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23 amazing hairstyle ideas to start your 2018 with a bang

January 24, 2018

Reed Hair are in the running for 3 major National Awards!!

June 28, 2017

We are sooo excited!!!

As you guys know, we are never ones to sit back on our laurels… always trying to aim higher! But this year we are blown away, having just heard that we have achieved finalist in three major national awards. One for creative and two for business. Woop Woop 🙂
Rather than me trying to explain how prestigious these awards are, I’ll just let you read the press releases from the three company’s …….

Finalist for BHBA 2017

For the second year running, Reed Hair have been named as a finalist for two awards at HJ’s British Hairdressing Business Awards

Once again Reed Hair in Maldon have been shortlisted as one of the best in the hairdressing business at national awards.

Reed Hair has been named as a finalist in the Customer Care Award and Front of House Team category at the British Hairdressing Business Awards, hosted by Hairdressers Journal International.

The awards, which are now in their 19th year, seek to find and celebrate the very best salon businesses in the country – an industry which contributes an estimated £7bn to the British economy and one which employs more than 300,000 people.

With 17 categories celebrating all aspects of the business side of hair, the awards are a proven platform for raising a salon’s profile. Even finalising in one of the prestigious categories marks a business out as one of the finest providers in the country; a win catapults them to the very top, providing unrivalled recognition that they are at the pinnacle of their profession and raising their profile to give an edge over competitors.

The Customer Care Award celebrates those salons who have created the perfect client journey; from booking to service to checkout – each step of this salon’s consumer interface is a seamless, professional and welcoming experience.

The Front of House Team of the Year category celebrates the unsung heroes of the salon – those who are the first and last contact with the client. It seeks to recognise exceptional customer care, communication and going above and beyond in the name of service.

Says HJ’s Executive Director, Jayne Lewis-Orr: “Promoting professionalism, innovation and excellence, the British Hairdressing Business Awards recognise those individuals and teams who work tirelessly to raise the profile and stature of this industry, and make it one of which we can all be proud.

She adds: “Customer service is at the heart of any successful salon business and those that go above and beyond to deliver it deserve to be recognised. This award celebrates those salons that really get it right, at every single customer touchpoint. The Front of House Team are a salon’s shop window; it’s the first chance you have to show a potential client what you can do, and to make those returning clients feel just as special as their first visit.”

Salon owner Jane Williams comments: “We take our customer care very seriously. It’s ingrained in everything we do and the whole team is trained to a high standard to make sure we deliver. Our front-of-house team are the beating heart of the business and we simply couldn’t function without them. From customer care to those all-important admin tasks which make a world of difference, the business relies on them. We’re so proud that they’re being recognised in this special category. After winning these two categories last year, it’s an honor to be shortlisted again. We can’t wait to celebrate on the night.”

The awards take place in London on Monday 11 September


Finalist for Most Wanted Awards 2017


JANE WILLIAMS of REED HAIR in MALDON is celebrating after being named a finalist in the BUSINESS THINKER category of national hairdressing competition – the Most Wanted Awards.

Thanks to an impressive display of skill, dedication and talent, Jane beat off stiff nationwide competition to secure a place at the Most Wanted Grand Final on Monday 6 September 2017, taking place at the historic London Guildhall and hosted by comedian Katherine Ryan.

Judged by influential names in hair, fashion, business and the media – including George Northwood, hairdresser to Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Vogue beauty editor Lauren Murdoch-Smith, and the founders of BeautyMART, Millie Kendall MBE and Anna-Marie Solowij – the Most Wanted Awards celebrate the outstanding individuals, teams and salons that make British hairdressing the best in the world.

Presented by leading industry magazine Creative HEAD, the Most Wanted Awards comprise 14 categories, each recognising excellence across a multitude of disciplines, from business acumen and customer service to creative skill and technical ability.

When the winners are announced on Monday 4 September, they will each be given the hairdressing industry’s greatest seal of approval – a Most Wanted Trophy. They will also enjoy an exclusive prize courtesy of their category sponsor and receive editorial coverage in Creative HEAD and its associated titles and websites, resulting in global exposure.

“I’ve been so impressed with this year’s entries,” commented Catherine Handcock, Publisher of Creative HEAD.  “We have an exceptionally strong line-up of finalists who, together, demonstrate a wealth of skills, innovation and forward-thinking that is very exciting to see. All our finalists are brilliant at what they do
– now let’s look forward to the Grand Final to discover the overall winners.”


Finalists of Wella Trend Vision Award 2017

TVA London Winners


Faye White, from leading hair salon, Reed Hair, in Maldon, has been recognised as one of the UK’s top professional hair stylist & colourist following her success at reaching the UK & Ireland Final of the hairdressing industry’s most prestigious competition, the Wella Professionals TrendVision Award 2017, in the Color Vision Category.

This year’s Wella Professionals TrendVision Award had over 500 entries at the initial Photographic stage, with Regional Heats taking place across the UK in Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and London, over the last few weeks.

Following Faye’s success in the Southern Regional Heat, she will now go onto compete at this year’s UK & Ireland Final, making Faye one of the country’s most sought-after and in-demand professional hairdresser.

Created to discover and acknowledge the industry’s most skilled hair stylists and colourists, the competition focuses on all aspects of hair styling and colouring, and the Photographic and Regional Heats are judged by some of the UK’s leading hair icons and multi award-winning hairdressers.

The annual four stage competition kicked off earlier this year with a Photographic Entry and Faye made it through to the Sothern Regional Final where they showcased their chosen look on a live model in a dazzling evening show.

Wella’s TrendVision Award has become one of the most iconic hair competitions in the hairdressing calendar. For 2017 there are two international categories to choose from, COLOR VISION and CREATIVE VISION, whereby the UK and Ireland winners will go on to compete at the International final in London in October 2017. In addition, new for 2017 there are two exclusive UK & Ireland categories; MALE GROOMING and RUNWAY. These two new categories are purely for the UK & Ireland final and the winners from these two categories will experience an exclusive backstage styling experience at London Fashion Week with Wella Professionals.

“I’m so proud to have reached the UK & Ireland Final of such a prestigious competition. I’ve always had a huge passion for hair and I am very excited about taking part and competing against the best hairdressers in the country at the Wella Professionals TrendVision Award UK & Ireland Final in September” says Faye

Now, Faye will have time to prepare for the Wella Professionals TrendVision Award UK & Ireland Final, attending a mentoring day for all the Finalists in August with multi award-winning hairdressers Bruce Masefield and Jayson Gray.

The TrendVision Award UK & Ireland Final is one of the industry’s biggest and most inspirational events. Due to take place on Tuesday 5 September 2017 at The Roundhouse, Camden, London. Competitors will showcase their model in front of hundreds and be judged by the best in the industry for the opportunity to walk away with the ultimate accolade in hairdressing. Should Faye be successful at the UK & Ireland Final, they will benefit from a dedicated mentoring programme, and the Creative Vision and Color Vision winners will then compete at the International TrendVision Award, due to take place in London in October.


“Can I have blusher in my hair please?” Why we’re talking ‘make-up’ for our hair now

May 30, 2017

It started with Kim Kardashian, as so many of today’s trends do. A snap of her face sporting unblended contouring shared on social media sent Twitter and Instagram into meltdown. It suddenly brought a make-up artist’s secret – tailoring a variety of shades to help, for example, slim a nose or accentuate cheekbones – to our attention. And we couldn’t get enough!

Of course, hair colourists were already creating bespoke shades in the salon, but this gave us a chance to talk  in a way that would help you  better understand what overall effect a certain hair colour technique or placement would have. Genius!

Colour is simply make-up for the hair. Explaining new colour techniques by using make-up as an example is a great way of explaining colour placement.

The surge of people using make-up to change not only the tones of their skin but also sculpt their face shape has meant that clients are much more aware that colour isn’t just about your shade choice but about placement, and how it can massively alter the shape of your hair cut. The normal go-to solution would be to change their cut or styling product. Now with the power of contouring with hair colour, just like you would with make-up, you can give the illusion of structure and form. With clever light and shadow colour placement, you can make it appear hair has more volume.


This is a clever way to help make your face appear more defined and features more accentuated, as illustrated by Kim K on the Instas. Contouring can be translated onto hair easily, it follows similar lines, using colour to draw attention to certain areas of the hair. Using light and dark tones in the right places can really change the shape of someone’s face and in this way the same principles apply to hair as you would with make-up.


Similar to contouring, strobing highlights where the light would naturally hit the face. This means you can accentuate your best features, and complement those we’re, um, well less keen on with contrasting colours, all with a shimmery, light-catching halo. Sounds divine! Strobing works alongside contouring and would mainly be offered for more of the natural look.



This is the anti-contouring beauty trend, a look that whispers: “I’ve spent two minutes getting ready, life’s more important!” but in reality has taken an age to perfect that natural finish. Well, for hair, it’s all about the nude beige, strongly inspired by the invisible make-up trend.  This shade is midway between ashy blonde and platinum blonde, offers subtle highlights and super-shiny results. Nude blonde is an easy look for you to wear, leaving your hair with an effortless glow.





Most often in pink and peach, blush is used to create a radiant glow, while also amplifying your facial structure or even correcting your face shape. Rose Blush uses exactly the terminology of make-up. You’ll see in your mind’s eye the sort of colour and it gives a sense of enhancing and subtlety.  Like a blush powder, this technique lights up the face, and is inspired by make-up layering.

It enhances shine without the need for any radical transformation. With pinker tones becoming the new ‘neutrals’, no one is being stared at in the street for these looks anymore. What is ‘the norm’ has shifted. Pastels have become classic, no longer a micro-trend, but the concept of using the tones found in blushers is a fast-growing trend.


This is the idea of blending colours to avoid harsh lines (and root regrowth) that’s really catching on. A smokey eye in our words would be a root smudge. It can be noticeable or very subtle. It can give you the rock chick look or you can use more natural colours.

Want make-up magic for your hair? This is what you need to do…

  • To enhance eyes… opt for the darkest colour shades on the under layers of a fringe. This helps make the line look stronger just above the eyes, which in turn makes their colour pop more.
  • To enhance cheekbones… ask your colourist to extend the colour with sectioning so the darker shades sit down near the top of the cheekbone.
  • To bring wide eyes closer together… colour should be extended down the sides, so darker shades sit at eye level.
  • To elongate a round face… ask your hairdresser to lighten the top of your hair and the ends using a freehand technique. To shadow the sides of the face, they need to use a darker shade to add depth.
  • To soften a triangular face…  Go for a darker shades at the top of the head and crown areas then ask for lighter pieces through the mid-lengths and ends to lighten under your jawline.
  • To widen facial features… keep your roots and the underneath of your hair dark to create shadow at the top of your head and around your jawline. Ask your colourist to apply a single highlight around your face to frame it and weave lighter pieces in front of your ears.

Courtesy of layered Online



How often should we really wash our hair?

April 5, 2017


How often should we really wash our hair???

This is the question I asked my team last week. With so many myths flying around I thought I’d try and get to the point.

These days we certainly wash our hair more than we did a generation ago.

Latest hair-care figures show the UK sales figure for shampoo, conditioner and styling products up by 5%

According to my team their opinion differs according to their hair type and life style.

My partner in crime, Jane, washes hair every day because it gets greasy – Stylist Faye washes twice a week as the dirtier her hair gets the more versatile it is!!

Our manager Jayne, is another twice a weeker and Stylist Abbey every other day as her hair is weak and fine.

Personally, I’m every other day because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered every day!

But what I do feel is extremely important isn’t how many times we wash our hair but the correct products we use for our hair type.

If your hair looks limp on the second day, chances are you’re using a product that is too rich and weighing it down.  That starts a viscous cycle of needing to wash your hair everyday rather than changing your products. The same goes if your hair needs nourishment or smoothing.

That said it also doesn’t harm your hair to wash it every day… if it’s dirty wash it! We wash our bodies every day so why should hair be any different?

So what about not washing your hair at all… doesn’t it clean its self after a while?

Your hair can certainly be pushed back a couple of days by using dry shampoo…. Think festivals, camping and no showers! But longer than that? I wouldn’t recommend it…..trust me I’ve seen, smelt and washed dirty hair………


And on that note, I’ll catch up with you later









Are short haircuts taking over the trend for spring/summer?

March 7, 2017

I certainly hope so!

For the last few years the hairdressing word has been concentrating on creative colour techniques – balayage – contouring – Ombre – all wonderful in their own rights but this trend has mostly complimented long hair. On the cutting front, our talented stylists have had their creativity squashed a little.

But not for long… by looking at the hair at the Oscars last week, super short cuts are definitely a style trend for 2017, and that includes everything from shaved sides to jaw length bobs.
Having always had short hair myself this is music to my ears; long hair has never suited me and in fact having long hair draping around your face isn’t for everyone.

Short hair can look stunning and sexy, enhancing your bone structure and eyes like you’ve never imagined. Keep the fringe long for a sweeping look or change it up for a full-on quiff. Don’t forget about that colour, sooo important on short hair but be brave and add the pastel or grey tones… short doesn’t mean boring !!!!

Hopefully with spring just around the corner now’s the time to change…but not brave enough to have it all chopped off?? Then settle for the short bob. I think this style suits most face shapes, but keep it choppy and beachy for the summer look.

Take a look at these images for your short summer hair inspo ?

Vicki x


This Valentine’s Day hairstyle is so sexy

February 13, 2017

Looking for a new date?… or putting a little passion into your relationship??

Then why not try these super natural buns that’s so easy to do at home.

This needs to be done on freshly washed hair to achieve the wispy hair sweeping around your face. When hair is wet, instead of brushing, use your hands to rake through any tangles. . Blast the hair until it’s nearly dry, add a root lifting spay from root to tip and dry again.

Using a curling tong, twist the hair around your tongs, let it cool then lightly back comb to create a soft fluffy texture. Shake your hair, then pull into a low pony and tie two or three times into a knot. Grip any loose ends underneath the bun, but pull out little wisps to create beautiful shaping around the face and neckline. Finish the look with a little bit of dry shampoo!

Now your ready hit the town….Enjoy your valentine date 🙂


A Smart Brush… really??

February 6, 2017

Our high end brand, Kerastase, has just lifted the lid on the first ever Smart Brush – at Tech Event CES 2017, and was awarded the International CES Innovation Award along the way.

So this must be a big deal… right??

Named the Kerastase Hair Coach the brush uses sensors to establish the quality of hair and monitors the effects of the users haircare regime. It comes with an accompanying app which details the findings alongside additional info and prescribed product recommendations to help improve your hair care routine. If you’re brushing too hard, your brush will tell you! Its uses a microphone to identify patterns in your brushing technique…amazing hey??

Guive Balooch, global vice president of L’Oreal’s Researched Innovation Technology said in a recent statement: “Technology is transforming consumer’ daily beauty routines,and smart devices have huge potential to impact how we care for our hair and skin. By using connected technologies to upgrade the hair brush – something the average consumer uses everyday – Withings and Kerastase have reinvented what a persons relationship with their hair can look like and are showing how connected devices can revolutionise the beauty industry”

Well this is getting us a tad excited! It launches in the UK later this year and we cant wait to get our hands on it…. Will keep you posted 🙂


Wedding hair ideas for 2017

January 11, 2017

Whether you’re getting married, acting as a bridesmaid or simply the guest of honour at a wedding this year, we’ve got the perfect wedding hairstyles for you – from classic up-dos to Boho down-dos.

Picking an outfit for a wedding (be it a wedding dress, bridesmaid attire or simply a great wedding guest outfit) can be tough, but deciding on a hairstyle can often be even harder. You want to pick something on trend, but also want to make sure the look is timeless so that looking back on wedding photographs in the distant future does not make you cringe!

From tousled waves to chic up-dos, glorious hair accessories and cute bobs, we’ve picked out the best of the best in wedding hair…

We adore a simple tied back style for a wedding. Add a little texture to give it an edge.


A great way to jazz up a simple ‘down-do’ is to add in some small, pretty plaits. Perfect!


A plaited bun is one of the dreamiest bridal styles. Finish your look with a simple ribbon and bow.


Straight from the London Fashion Week runways, a delicate and modern side bun for the elegant bride.


Calling all modern brides! This hairstyle from the Tibi fashion show is the perfect combination of edgy and romantic.


The easiest and prettiest way to make your style wedding-friendly is by adding in some perfect hair accessories. This look from Rodarte AW16 is one of our favourites.


Who said you couldn’t wear a ponytail at your wedding? When it’s this pretty, it’s totally a go-to style!


Want to keep your bridal look simple or let your makeup stand out? Then simply style your updo with a single sparkly hair clip.


This absolutely stunning updo from Alexander McQueen is intricate and takes time, but it’s special and beautiful enough to make the effort on your wedding day.


There’s nothing like a ballerina bun to get you in the bridal mood. Be brave and scrape hair back tight for an ultra chic look.


While the makeup may be a little much for your wedding, the hair at Ryan Lo AW16 was the perfect wedding inspo.


Keep hair off your face with this intricately designed twisted ‘do.


At Herve Leger AW16 in New York, the models wore punky plaits, braided to the side of the head. This gorgeous style would work perfectly with wavy locks for a wedding.


Can’t decide between a bun and a plait? Now you don’t have to – try this combination style which was debuted at Taoray Wang for AW16.


An easy way to add a pretty touch to your casual ‘do is by adding a thin plait. Braid the front of your hair from both sides and have them meet in the middle at the back.


Keep it simple and leave your hair down, with soft, fluffy texture. This ensures a gorgeously ethereal look.


Plaits are totally timeless when it comes to hair, and can be styled in a number of ways for your big day. We adore these matching plaits showcased at Giles.


Can’t decide whether to have your hair up or down? You don’t have to – this half up, half down ‘do ticks both boxes.


If you’re wearing a sharp, sophisticated dress, this sleek straight updo would work perfectly.


Thought bunches were only for your childhood? Think again – you can make tousled locks look perfectly cool and wedding-ready by styling them into cute bunches.


A great way of giving your wedding day style an extra wow-factor is by adding in some extravagant hair accessories, such as a floral crown design like this one.


Wear a pretty headband crown with pride, and pull out bits of hair from the front of your head to make the look a little more undone.


Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple by scraping hair back into a sleek high bun. This look at Balenciaga provides the perfect inspiration.


The 3.1 Philip Lim SS16 show offered up a great alternative to a full netted veil. This colourful accessory looked perfect with a messy low bun.


At DVF, models walked down the runway with gorgeous tropical flowers in their hair; perfect for a wedding abroad in sunnier surroundings!


Headbands are great for adding a little sophistication to an otherwise plain up-do.


For a really pretty weather-proof hairstyle, opt for a loose up-do decorated with statement hair accessories. Floral clips are a great alternative to fresh-cut flowers.


Channel Heidi with on-trend, intricate braiding arranged into a crown shape atop your head. Put simply, it’s a look fit for a princess and worthy of a goddess.


11 gorgeous party hairstyles you’ll want to try for Christmas

December 14, 2016

christmas parties are up there on the occasions list worth pulling out the stops for on the tress front. A gorgeous hairstyle needn’t mean hours of effort, these semi-simple styles have all the wow factor without the fuss. Short or long, thick or fine, if these looks don’t provide inspo for your festivities, nothing will…



Christmas party hairstyle ideas

The full-bodied up-do, beautifully demoed by Emma Watson. They key here is getting plenty of texture into your hair before crafting the messy bun. Tong your hair all over first, and use some dry shampoo for a matte texture.


Christmas party hairstyle ideas

Gigi has got the slicked-back vamp look nailed – and what we love about it is the volume which proves much sexier than a flat-to-the-head wet look. Straighten your hair by lifting it away from the roots, then softly backcomb sections for height.


Christmas party hairstyle ideas

Sexy siren waves are a classic party look. With a low side parting and sweep your hair (tonged in large sections, all in the same direction) over one shoulder.


Christmas party hairstyle ideas
A sleek bun looks uber-polished, as Heidi Klum models. Use straightening irons to get your hair sleek and shiny. Pin half of your ponytail into a bun and with the remaining sections, wrap them around it in the opposite directions. Shine spray is your must-have.


Christmas party hairstyle ideas

This half-up hairstyle has 60s sex kitten written all over it. A bit of backcombing at the crown, loose waves at the back and a grown-out fringe are the makings of this classic worn by Ms Hudson.


Christmas party hairstyle ideas

Lupita’s versatile baby afro looks gorgeous accessorised with a fishtail halo braid. You can easily cheat this look by buying a braided hairband in the same hue as your hair. Get it right and no one will know.


Christmas party hairstyle ideas
Kate’s braided bun is child’s play. Simply plait three (or more, depending on your hair’s thickness) sections of your ponytail and swirl them into a bun, one on top of the other.


Christmas party hairstyle ideas

Kiernan’s hair is an impossibly easy update on a sleek down-do. Smooth over your hair with the stylers and pin back the front sections for some added interest. As it’s Christmas, go glitzy on the clips to show off a party from the back.


Christmas party hairstyle ideas

If you’ve got the hair for it, pile it high like Rihanna with random curls tumbling down from a ponytail and pinned back to the head. To get the body, cheat with extensions or use a volumising powder for instant oomph.


Christmas party hairstyle ideas
Nicole’s bob is anything but boring. Here she’s slicked it back – with some movement created by heat styling – and proves the wet trend looks on point against metallic accessories and glossy makeup.


Ok, this one requires a little extra effort. Rooney’s half-ponytail has been bound to her lower section of hair with fabric (a wrapping technique used by backstage stylists that isn’t actually as hard as it looks). If you want something stunningly different, this is a way to make your hair an extension of your outfit.


Rose gold hair is your new Instagram beauty obsession

October 27, 2016

The latest colour trend to crop up on our feeds might just be the prettiest (and most wearable) yet.

A subtle coppery red tone with a hint of pink, rose gold makes a perfect colour update for those who are bored of blonde but can’t commit to a deeper shade of red. It’s strawberry blonde, with an Instagram-friendly edge.

The trend was first pioneered by early adopter Sienna Miller, who debuted a faded pink hue back in 2013. Now, Scream Queens star Emma Roberts is the latest A-lister to provide us with rose gold hair inspiration.

As you’d expect, this colour works best on those with lighter hair (naturally or otherwise), but that’s not to say that brunettes can’t get on board with the trend. Instead, the end result is a subtler and warmer – but equally picture-perfect – colour finish.

Tempted to jump on board with the trend? Find out what you need to know before heading to the salon.



‘Taking in pictures is always massively helpful as there are so many shades of rose gold hair and then talk through what you’re looking for with your hairdresser.’


‘Rose gold looks best on pre-lightened or naturally light hair, it won’t immediately show on dark hair.’


‘If you have naturally dark hair you will need to lighten it if you want a true rose gold tint.’


‘Most pastel and soft shades need a lot of upkeep as they are not permanent. Using a toner with a conditioner will keep the colour vibrant or using Olaplex Step 3 locks in colour when used with a cold rinse. Washing hair with a sulfate free shampoo will stop the colour from leeching out.’


‘Having a stain added to hair will help you get a feel for the colour and will only last a weekend. If you don’t want to fully commit try adding the colour to a small section of the hair underneath or one strand, that way you can see how it looks, without fully committing.’